This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Prices and terms of participation






Cost of Registration for One Participant

Early Registration


Through May 1

Late Registration



At The Conference



One participant

60 euros

90 euros

110 euros

Groups of 4+ participants (20% discount)

48 euros

72 euros

88 euros

University groups

(4+ people, 60% discount)

24 euros

36 euros

44 euros

Speaker (30% discount)

42 euros

One-day pass*

31 euros

46 euros

56 euros

Online Participation

10 euros

20 euros

30 euros

* Choice of attending on June 11 or 12. When you purchase a one-day pass, you will gain access to an online broadcast of the day of the conference that you do not attend.

After registering to the conference, you will be able to:

Access to internet broadcast of the conference allows you to: 

Additional Services


Cost of Additional Services 

For One Participant

Through May 1



Welcome drinks** (June 10, 19:00)

7 euros

13 euros

20 euros

Gala evening** (June 11, 20:00)

23 euros

31 euros

35 euros

Two additional lunches (June 11 and 12)

10 euros

10 euros

10 euros

Children's Program**

(June 11 and 12). Lunches and coffee breaks are included.

20 euros

28 euros

35 euros

Transfer from the centre of Dnipropetrovsk to «Meteorite» and/or back** (per day***). Transfers will be available on June 10, 11, 12 and 13. See the «Hotels and Transfers» page for the tentative schedule.

2 euros

2 euros

3 euros

Transfer from «Lesnoy» to «Meteorite» and/or back** (per day***). Transfers will be available on June 10, 11, 12 and 13. See the «Hotels and Transfers» page for the tentative schedule.

2 euros

2 euros

3 euros

Bus tour around Dnipropetrovsk** June 10 or 13.

The listed price is for groups of up to 25 people. Payment is made on-site.

60 euros

Khortytsia Island Excursion** June 10 or 13.

The listed price is for groups of 12+ people. Payment is made on-site.

180 euros

** Registration in advance is required. There are a limited number of places. If you've come with your family, you may order additional services for them as well.

*** Payment for transfer is collected for each day a transfer is made, even if you plan to go somewhere one day and return on another. Planning on going to «Meteorite» on Friday and returning on Sunday? You'll need to pay 4 euros if you arrange transfer in advance, and 6 if you arrange it on-site.



Registration and ordering of all additional services is completed using forms on the conference website. If you are already registered for the conference and would like to order additional services, write to us at Participant status is granted automatically to those who have paid for participation in the conference.

Participants in the conference are subject to the terms specified in the standard form contract.


After the registration forms are filled out, bank information for payment will be sent to your email address. Payment is completed electronically within 3 business days. If you are eligible for multiple discounts (e. g., discounts for speakers and groups of 4+), then only one discount will be applied — the largest one.

Cancellation of registration and refunding of payment

In the event of the cancellation of a fully paid registration, refunding of the cost of participation in the conference and paid-for additional services (minus bank commission) will occur within 7 working days from the moment a written request is received and will be done according to the following scheme:

To cancel your registration, you must send a written request to a representative of the organizational committee at the email address

For residents of Ukraine, refunds of the price of participation in the conference and additional services already paid for will be issued in the national currency, for non-residents — in the currency of the payment. The amount of the refund is calculated based on the amount of the payment received from the participant.

Photo and video recording

Amateur photography and video recording is permitted in all conference sessions. The organizers of UTIC will be conducting professional photography and video recording and have the right to use and publish (i. e., play) recorded, printed and other materials. By registering to the conference, you agree to the use of photo and video materials that may contain your image or voice. These materials may be used for marketing purposes for summary conferences.

Special needs

If you have special needs (e. g., handicap access, dietary restrictions), please inform us of this during the registration process so that we can make your stay at the conference as comfortable as possible.