This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Vatslav Yehurnov

Freelance translator

Vatslav Yehurnov — translator, editor, PBX programmer, air traffic services professional. Freelancing over 10 years. Helps the School of technical translation (Eugene Bartov) as an expert in telecommunications. Strives to be aware of the newest trends, tools and practices that help translators being more efficient. Attendee of numerous international conferences. Certified ATA member for translation from English into Ukrainian. Amateur photographer. Expert in aviation, automation, electrical engineering, electrical equipment, informational technologies, no-till agriculture, precision agriculture and farm machinery, telemechanics and telecommunications, video and photo equipment.

A translator's backpack

Any translators’ meetup is a source of useful advice to each other, experience exchange, and hacks, ready for use the very next day.
Usually, these topics are discussed privately, and the helpful hacks remain available to a small group of people, who decided to have some coffee together (or not just a pint of coffee) and inevitably wandered into work-related issues in their small talk. That’s not fair!

UTICamp is completely different from a traditional conference, it’s more like an open-air translators’ meetup. So we suggest bringing lobby talks into the open. We’ll discuss hacks and tricks that may help every translator on their professional journey.

We’ll talk about everyday routines, workflows, tools, self-promotion, money matters, and various challenges we face. Everyone will have an opportunity to say something on these topics and to put an idea into the translator’s backpack. A newbie input will be as useful as an eye-opener from a seasoned traveller.

Come to have a talk with your friends at a lifehack session, The Translator’s Backpack. Free up your time for even more songs and chatter by the fire!

Moderators: Tetyana Struk & Joseph Kovalov
Speakers: Irina Lebedeva, Olesya Zaytseva & Vatslav Yehurnov
Participants: you