This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Oleg Rudavin

Freelancer, partner in Ukraine

Translator with more than 20 years of experience, and a graduate of Kharkov State University, Oleg was one of the first dedicated internet freelancers in Ukraine, and one of the few to focus totally on end-customers from developed countries. In addition, he started promoting freelance translations as an occupation on the web, at conferences that he organized and at international industry events. Oleg authored a popular book on freelancing for translators.

Freelancing as a business organization form, way of thinking and philosophy

Quite common as a business organization form, freelancing hardly deserves any special attention if viewed from this viewpoint only. Much more interesting and worth of investigating are relations – often conflicting ones – that emerge when the freelancing approach seeps across the borders of business and pollinates other attitudes such as to government or oneself.

Therefore, I’ll discourse on freelancing as a business form, way of thinking or even philosophy, adding new glory to this specific habit of persons with poor self-organization skills. 

Unlost, or Survivors

This year, UTIC will be held in a non-conventional format, which calls for non-conventional ideas and approaches. After a brain storm, we have arrived at an island. Or rather at a decision to offer one of the sessions as a reality show unfolding on an imaginary island.

The past two years have been tough for us. Seasoned professionals are concerned about shrinking markets, machine translation that is getting smarter by the day, and the daring younger generation who seem to be close on their/our heels. The daring young linguists, in their turn, feel that it’s hard to compete with more experienced colleagues who have been around for more than a dozen years.

The desire we all share is to survive, to stay afloat, and to save our ships from sinking to the bottom of the stormy seas.

This is what the show is about. We are going to stand up to the threats and challenges facing us and work out strategies to survive and prosper in this dangerous world.

Welcome to our session! It’s going to be hot. And we will survive!

Moderators: Tetyana Struk and Joseph Kovalov

Experts: Oleg Rudavin and Svetlana Svetova

The participants: all or you

The public: the lot of you