This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Mariya Malykhina

Project manager at Technolex Translation Studio

Has been living among linguists since her childhood. Grandma inspired her to study languages: English, German and French. Maria has been into translations (both oral and written) for more than six years and has worked with different areas: from couture fashion to heavy machinery. She started as a freelance translator, then became an editor and later a project manager handling several language directions. Maria follows translators’ societies and takes part in webinars.

Freelancer's tools for efficient project management

Business tasks for both freelancers and translation agencies include among others keeping track of their orders, invoicing, recording their business contacts and terms of collaboration, monitoring payments and storing their files. Ignoring these may result in time- and resource-consuming chaos. One can make use of various planners, online task managers, file storages, accounting apps, Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs and many more. However, is this the most effective way to keep control of everything and remember the necessary things? We are going to briefly touch upon the existing programs developed especially for translators and bureaus and particularly present the Protemos system — an easy and convenient tool provided free of charge to freelancers.