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UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Marcin Hasznos

Founder of Lamarca Business Services


Marcin is a Speaker and Consultant with over 10 years experience in developing processes and systems for multinational companies in Europe, India, Brazil and the US. He is an expert in creating methods to improve business effectiveness and employee’s capacity for solving problems. Born in Poland, raised in Hungary and living now in Brazil, he has always cultivated his roots and relationships in all these countries. He graduated in Economy at the College for Modern Business Studies in Budapest.

Cultural Diversity. How to Make Business in Latin America

I was born in Poland, grew up in Hungary and now I am a business owner in Brazil, my wife's homeland. Our company is absolutely focused on international projects that consequently involve a lot of translations and interpreting. The purpose of this presentation is to share with the audience interesting, useful and curious facts about my professional and personal life in Brazil.