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UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Inga Michaeli

CEO at Wander Words — Writing the Globe

Based in Israel, Inga Michaeli has translated over 220 titles — fiction, non-fiction and lots of DK and LP travel guides — as well as many hours of movies and TV shows, academic articles and marketing texts in need of some oomph. She is a former Chair of the Israel Translators Association (2008-2010), has taught subtitling, literary translation and creative non-fiction translation at Beit Berl College and is a regular speaker at conferences in Israel and abroad. Her main field of expertise (and true passion) is tourism and travel — she translates (English<>Hebrew) for major airlines, hotel chains, booking sites and other outfits, and is regularly featured in Hebrew travel magazines (Masa Acher) and newspapers (Globes), as well as English travel mags (Holyland and Discover Israel).

Diversify or specialize: A guide to becoming ‘untouchable’

A busy translator discovers one day her desk is almost empty. So what now, despair of diversify? What are the roads to diversification? Is specialization better, or is there a golden mean between the two? And what do Ken Robinson and Tom Friedman have to do with it? A 3-act story with a happy end.

A Rough Guide to Translating Guide Books

The travel industry is big business in Israel, and most international publishers translate their travel guides into Hebrew. Yet, how important is it for the average Israeli to find vegemite in Italy, or get an updated list of border crossings into Iran? Can the translation of travel guides be faithful to the original text, or should it be faithful to the target audience and adapt to its tastes and sensibilities? I will survey the evolution of this small but important niche in the publishing market; elaborate on current trends; depict the work process and provide some practical tips on how to break into the market. I will present many enlightening and entertaining examples of intercultural transfer in this specialized niche, which is much more like transcreation than you might think.