This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Alex Leshchinsky

CEO at Effectiff company and Cloud Interpreter project

Alex Leshchinsky became leader of the Effectiff team about 10 years ago. He has managed to turn a regular translation agency into a major player on the language services market. Today Alex successfully combines his business with self-development. He believes that his key mission is contribution into civilized development of linguistic services market and accelerating the convenience and transparency of their delivery in the age of computer technologies. He has already made several presentations, such as Video Remote Interpreting. A New Format of Already Well-Known Services (TFR 2015), New Stage in the Market Development (UTIС-2015 webinar), Cloudinterpreter – A Provider of Video Remote Interpreting Technology (GALA 2016).

Videoremote interpreting solutions

In the age of mobile telecommunications, people don’t use simple phones as often as they used to. They communicate somewhere on their way home, to work, to a meeting, in a café or subway. Today we live in a wild tempo and always rush somewhere. Moreover, as soon as smartphones appeared, which make no sense without an internet connection, most products and services found their way to the Internet—using a smartphone, we can study offers and order any service we like. Telephone conversations due to high roaming fees have been replaced with internet connection. It is on this stage—or even earlier—that a need for telephone interpreting from foreign languages appeared. Live communication without limits—this is the goal of video interpreting. And the means of implementation can vary even today. This is what Alex is going to talk about today in his presentation.