This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Conference news

A UTIC-style New Year Gift

When the cold days arrive in Ukraine and the winter holidays approach, we look back at some milestone events.

Five years ago, InText Translation Company decided to make a difference in the Ukrainian translation industry by organizing a new international conference that would bring together academia and business, translators and clients, software developers and users. We called it UTIC — the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference — and it was a success. The first conference took place in 2013, and was followed by another one just one year later.

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UTIC-2016 Results

As the autumn season approaches, we recall with pleasure the best moments of the summer. We sincerely hope that the #UTICamp conference was an important event this year for all who took part. We invite you to think back to those days, filled with friendly meetings, valuable presentations, and new experiences.

And if, for some reason, you missed UTIC-2016, take a look at the full report with photos and feedback, and make sure you come next time! We look forward to seeing you!

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We want to share with you our recipe for an excellent conference!


How to prepare: mix all the ingredients and leave for at least 3 days.

For more detail watch our video recipe!

UTIC trilingual dictionary: improving mutual understanding between translators

We are pleased to present a joint project by UTIC-2016 participants Linguistic Centre® translation agency and T-Service: a trilingual dictionary of translation terms (Russian-English-Ukrainian).

The dictionary contains approximately 100 terms relating both to the process of translation and to various areas of translation technology. Each word is provided with a transcription in all three languages. Available in Microsoft Excel and SDL Multiterm formats, the dictionary can be downloaded from the website and the portal. Paper copies will also be available to conference participants upon registration. The authors will be grateful for any comments, recommendations, additions or corrections.

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Introducing the UTIC-2016 interpreters team

UTIC is a conference that aims to bring together people from across the translation industry, irrespective of country of residence, profession or beliefs. And although most of our participants have an excellent knowledge of English, Russian and Ukrainian, we provide translation of the vast majority of the presentations every year.

After each UTIC conference, recordings of the presentations and round tables are processed by montage experts and posted on our YouTube channel. These videos in several languages attract large numbers of views, thereby spreading useful information and new knowledge far beyond Ukraine.

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The registration for participants in UTIC‑2016 is opened

Fast facts: registration now costs only 60 euros! The price includes two lunches: our chefs will be grilling meat, veggies and other dishes. Register by May 1 to take advantage of reduced rates. There are also discounts for groups and speakers; live internet broadcast of UTICamp is also available.

You are invited to the Welcome drinks reception and Gala evening to find new friends and have fun. We are going to organize a Children’s program so that you can bring the whole family with you.

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Ukraine is open for tourism

Attending UTIC-2016 is a great way to get to know the sights in our hospitable country.

Take a few days’ vacation and visit European Lviv, the green Carpathian mountains, colourful Odesa or modern Kyiv.

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We are now accepting applications for presentations at UTIC‑2016

We are now accepting applications for presentations at UTIC-2016. We invite you to take the place you deserve in our schedule of events!                 

7 Reasons to Be a Speaker at UTIC-2016

  1. The Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC) is the only event of its size in Ukraine. In 2013 and 2014, it was attended by hundreds of freelance translators, translation company employees, university students and faculty, association representatives from within the translation industry, and members of companies that design and develop translation software.
  2. Presenting at UTIC gives you the opportunity to share your ideas and insight with industry professionals, as well as receive feedback and an array of new ideas.

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UTIC‑2016 Program committee is formed

We are happy to introduce you the members of the UTIC-2016 Program committee.

The conference program will comprise three parallel tracks: «The Art of Translation», «The Business of Translation», and «Localization and Translation Technologies».

* * *

Moderators of the track «The Art of Translation» are Joseph Kovalov, Tetyana Struk, and Elena Chudnovskaya.

Joseph Kovalov is a freelance translator, expert in marketing texts translation. At UTIC-2013 and UTIC-2014 Josef together with Katya Filatova did presentations about the translation of texts for tourist and hotel industry.

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Ukrainian Translation Industry CAMP — a new format of the international conference!

On June 10-12, 2016 we'll try to accomplish an ambitious mission of combining a business event, prominent speakers, fascinating presentations about the art of translation and technologies with camping and a warm round-up of old friends.

For the first time, Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference will take place in such an unusual location: in a pine forest by the picturesque Samara river, which is 50 kilometers from the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

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New Format for UTIC 2015: New Web-Events

According to UTIC Organization Committee, the third year Conference is going to be held in the form of webinars.

Speakers and attendees, who are already well-known to you from previous conferences, will discuss main subjects that have been touched upon, and will enthusiastically share their new knowledge. You will be able to receive up-to-date and useful information in any country of the world, without leaving the place of your main business.

Nevertheless we understand the importance of personal meetings and cordial atmosphere, these are things that make UTIC so popular. That is why we are considering the possibility of arranging a one-day conference in autumn 2015. Follow our news!

Those who would like to become our speakers at webinars are welcome to send us their applications. Besides if you wish a certain subject to be discussed during the event please send us your suggestions to

We also would like to draw your attention to the fact that more than 30 videos of presentations from UTIC 2014 are already available at our web-site.

UTIC® trademark is registered

Dear friends,
We are excited to share our good news with you. More than a year ago, we submitted an application to the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial property, and today we are the proud owners of a UTIC trademark certificate.
These officially sealed pages are not just a title of protection for us. As it is gaining international recognition amazingly fast, the "birdie" is becoming much more than a simple trademark. It seems as if it is like what David Ogilvy meant by saying that a trademark has "the property that is hard to put into words. Call it a personality, character, aura, the atmosphere, the fifth dimension – whatever you like...".
Whatever you like – because hundreds of our friends would call it differently. However, they will agree that UTIC is a friendly embrace of greetings and hundreds of supportive hands. It is a "conference con anima", as it was wisely noticed by Tetyana Struk, a member of the UTIC 2014 Program Committee.

Happy International Translation Day!

Dear Colleagues!

We would like to congratulate all representatives of the translation industry, translators and interpeters, proofreaders and reviewers, representatives of language solution providers, UTIC attendees on the International Translation Day!

Wishing you success and professional growth! Keep up the good work! 

Happy Translation Day

New exciting opportunities! Prolonged discounted registration. UTIC-2014 Live video stream.

The first stage of the regular registration is prolonged until 20 April! It means that you can still save if you can register for the conference and workshops within this week. 

The conference hall of the President Hotel can accommodate up to 280 participants with maximum of comfort. So we are limiting the number of participants and will close registration when the limit is reached.

Already registered:  

 Attend UTIC-2014 without leaving the house! 
UTIC-2014 will be steaming live!

Get access to the conference video stream to: 

  • easily switch between the program tracks;
  • choose the language of the broadcast (original or interpretation);
  • participate in discussions and send your questions to speakers using an online form;
  • be the first to access all video materials of UTIC-2014.

The number of online participants is limited. Register today!

Statement on Current Events in the Capital of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues!

The Organizing Committee of UTIC-2014 is carefully watching the current situation in Kyiv.
As of today, we are not changing our plans, but if necessary, we will keep you informed. Please follow the news on our website and in the social networks.
Hoping to come back with some good news soon!