This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTIC for families


UTICamp is the only industry event that you can bring you whole family to. On this page we'll tell you what you need to consider when bringing your partner, children, or even dogs to UTIC-2016.


We will arrange transfers for UTIC participants; you can look at the routes and schedules on the page «Hotels and Transport». In order to ensure that there are enough places, please indicate how many people will be accompanying you during registration. If you will be coming with children small enough to sit on your lap, you will not need to pay for a place for them in the bus to UTIC.


For families that love nature and adventure, we recommend staying at the UTIC campground. If the children are very young, it might be better to choose one of the hotels on this page. Ask the administration about the availability of beds for infants and other special equipment.





    June 9 June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13

Order from the cooks at «Meteorite»
Eat breakfast at the hotel
Make your own food
Lunch Lunch buffet at «Meteorite»      
Order from the cooks at «Meteorite»    
Eat lunch at the hotel    
Make your own food
Dinner Participate in Welcome drinks        
Participate in the Gala evening        
Order from the cooks at «Meteorite»
Eat dinner at the hotel
Make your own food


You can attend the Welcome drinks and Gala evening with the whole family — just indicate how many people will be accompanying you during registration. Evening events are free for children under 8. 





If members of your family are not planning to attend any presentations, you do not need to pay for them during registration. However, you must arrange lunches for them during registration (the price of your lunches is included in the overall price of conference participation).

Children's Program

We are putting together a program for kids. We're planning to entertain children that are 5 years old and over with interesting, useful activities: educational classes, fun competitions, arts and crafts, visual physics and chemistry experiments and a lot more! The exact cost of the program will depend on the number of children and their ages. Write to us at with requests and to let us know your child's age. We will make a program that takes into account the age of all of our young participants, which we will then post on this webpage.


Since the whole family is coming with a tent to UTICamp, you might as well bring your dog. Please make sure beforehand that your dog has had all of its necessary vaccinations and that it has been treated for ticks. Bringing a special collar or bug spray is not a bad idea, either. Also, please remember to bring a leash and, if you have an aggressive dog, a muzzle. You also must bring bowls for water and food, as well as food itself.